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  1. hello again, I am back again and I have a problem with Qtvlm again. I made 3 routes. To see what route would bring me where, I use reckoning play. One of the routes changes its course during play. As soon as I stop play the route cource goes back to original position. I made a screenVDO that can show you what I mean, but with 24.MB it is too big to attach. Maybe I can send it to a mailbox.???? So you can put it in the Topic and othrs can see the problem too. Since my last use of Qtvlm I changed PC present PC: see att. I would be pleased with a reaction
  2. sorry, cannot, I made a screenprint and after that the program hang. I could not move anything, so after restart I cleared all routes and started new. If I moves a POI than it must have been stored in memory without my knowledge.
  3. I created the route this morning. and freezed it from 1st mark at 09:55 CET I believe it was. Then at 12:00 CETI closed the program ti leave for an appointment. at 15.25 I turned the program back on and this is what I saw as the data was loaded. beats me , but rather strange progression. almost symmetrical incision .
  4. take a look at my route , and please explain
  5. thanks for the response. I knew the proper passing is east of Dai Island, so that was not the issue. It was more a hint that something is not okay in the program. I know sometimes software makes strange moves, but why this crazy stting is not clear. thanks anyway goog luck straitening it out. regards WdeW
  6. to all of you all the best wishes for 2018 and "goede vaart" (dutch) ..so back to business: Why is the crossing line for WP Dai Island mirrored ? is this only with me ? In Qtvlm The line is drawn correct !!! regards Witte de with
  7. Ship Ahoi, I shoutet in the shoutbox, for I did not see a seperate option to start a new thread item regarding a Qtvlm problem. Also I saw this was mainly in French. And I am honest about this, I can order a coffee and a croisant and even a bottle of Moulin a vent in French, but I cannot discuss any PC or nautical problems in French. So I hope you can help me out in English. I run Qtlvm 5.1.86 under Win 7 64bit ultimate on a ASUS P5Q de L. Intel QCore 6700 2,6 Ghz, 8 Gb 800 MHz, SSD 128Gb and 2 screens 1° on GT640(1Mb)+asus(2560x1440) and 2° on 7600GT(256Kb)+acer(1440x900).both Nvidia chipped !!! My problem: Only sometimes after downloading new Grib standardfiles (NOAA at 10.00 and 16.00 h.) 33Mb from VLM, the program hangs. It always hangs........ when I download another grib than the Standard VLM (ZYGrib etc). After killing the programm and starting Qtvlm again the prog runs normal, with the limitation that in some cases it gives a notice that the POI is not reacheble with loaded grib. One has to use another grib (that I cannot) Only now and then I notice that I cannot make a Grib esteem (the pop up does not appear) I have no idea whether the grib esteem option is related to a certain program setting ...yes or no. or maybe to a certain Grib setting ??????? I first ran the 5.2.2. version but that version had the same hick-ups. That was the reason for me to install the older version, I thought it would be the version. I hope someone has a clue. regards Witte
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