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  1. hello again, I am back again and I have a problem with Qtvlm again. I made 3 routes. To see what route would bring me where, I use reckoning play. One of the routes changes its course during play. As soon as I stop play the route cource goes back to original position. I made a screenVDO that can show you what I mean, but with 24.MB it is too big to attach. Maybe I can send it to a mailbox.???? So you can put it in the Topic and othrs can see the problem too. Since my last use of Qtvlm I changed PC present PC: see att. I would be pleased with a reaction
  2. Ship Ahoi, I shoutet in the shoutbox, for I did not see a seperate option to start a new thread item regarding a Qtvlm problem. Also I saw this was mainly in French. And I am honest about this, I can order a coffee and a croisant and even a bottle of Moulin a vent in French, but I cannot discuss any PC or nautical problems in French. So I hope you can help me out in English. I run Qtlvm 5.1.86 under Win 7 64bit ultimate on a ASUS P5Q de L. Intel QCore 6700 2,6 Ghz, 8 Gb 800 MHz, SSD 128Gb and 2 screens 1° on GT640(1Mb)+asus(2560x1440) and 2° on 7600GT(256Kb)+acer(1440x900).both Nvidia chipped !!! My problem: Only sometimes after downloading new Grib standardfiles (NOAA at 10.00 and 16.00 h.) 33Mb from VLM, the program hangs. It always hangs........ when I download another grib than the Standard VLM (ZYGrib etc). After killing the programm and starting Qtvlm again the prog runs normal, with the limitation that in some cases it gives a notice that the POI is not reacheble with loaded grib. One has to use another grib (that I cannot) Only now and then I notice that I cannot make a Grib esteem (the pop up does not appear) I have no idea whether the grib esteem option is related to a certain program setting ...yes or no. or maybe to a certain Grib setting ??????? I first ran the 5.2.2. version but that version had the same hick-ups. That was the reason for me to install the older version, I thought it would be the version. I hope someone has a clue. regards Witte
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