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  1. Show off! You're ability to utilize 5 minutes is remarkable!
  2. You are right, they are assets right up until they aren't and then if not prepared then they are a loss. I'm perfectly fine with the "NO", it always was up to you and getting permanence is tough in this world and would require some effort at best. MadDog Marc
  3. Gambling Question. Any reason we can't have side bets now? Technical Question. Way outside the box even for me. They have a simple html5 interface for the games, i've seen your jvlm interface and the old one, I liked that silverbullet client or whatever of microsofts(did it die?), but i found qtVLM sufficient for my purposes, but do you have an HTML5 client or think a simple one could do the work? I'm 'sorta' retired from the technical side and hated html pretty much anyway, but perhaps a 'Professional' jvlm would work for those who race for glory and/or cash prizes? You may have no idea how many church budgets are augmented by a Bingo Game. I'm not proselytizing, just saying. I know an AA club that lives very nicely off bingo, and actually employs some alcoholics, former alcoholics, cooks some meals and helps those that want help. Anyway, I'm in it for the permanence and possibility of spreading sailing around.
  4. Quite a few people volunteer hardware, software, their skills and their time for VLM to work properly. It works reasonably well, at the scale we are operating right now. As i noticed! Very nice concept indeed! But...each volunteer is a risk in a small organization and while I'm sure some can wear many hats, that in itself is a risk. I'm sure that's one of the reasons we have BIG corporations.
  5. I'm open to suggestion. No Rackets. I find your comradery as a group refreshing. Perhaps we can encourage individual leagues so groups can form in anyway they want, local, social, yacht club(I'm specifically thinking of kids programs, but I think some of the adults would if they could.), or ad hoc, like you guys formed I imagine.? Let them grow and die, come and go as they will supported by somebodies energy. Like AA(Alcoholics Anonymous)! LOL
  6. windows, sure doesn't like canceling as download in qtVLM. Licensing refers to my other discussion about play for money.
  7. Well in that case, I'm also getting a lot of abends with this version. Is that part of the game? Maybe I'm confused about the licensing also?
  8. I missed the comment about money. Who pays for this fun now, asks the crew?
  9. Obviously the fleet idea covers that. The game server runs both races, some for free(or perhaps 'paid for' by vlm by lending that instance to the company), the others paid some sort of entry fee to professional fleet. Besides offsetting your operating costs it would seem a small price to pay for the 'free sailors'. Some per race fee ought to be received by vlm for all the work to takes to know which races to run and how 'exactly' to run them. With the state of sailing in the US. I don"t see anybody objecting to free publicity but, you are correct that the license needs to be respected for the race and vlm. I am an amateur sailor in a sport mostly requires lots of money for the boats and it turns out for the crew. To me the important thing is that sailing gets passed on to successive generations. Also I think in this 'shelter in place' environment much learning can be done on geography, math and time with vlm sailing. I distinguish the various client applications from the server so only the server code is used under license. The client application can still interface with vlm. New client applications could be developed. Isn't this the way it is now? One of the reasons it took a while in development is that the laws on gaming transactions in the USA recently were modified specifically for gaming. i have no interest in violating anybodies rights or local law for that matter, which takes a lot of work. The question of gambling is older than the bible. The amateur fleet games run as they are now on the same server that runs the professional fleet games. The presence of gambling make the production of an audit trail a requirement and those transactions and the actual entry and payoffs are on the gaming vendor. They may even advertise on those client applications. Thank you for your thoughts. Keep 'em coming! MadDog Marc
  10. so don't ask people to respond?
  11. It really is up to you how you want to 'set it up'. Yes, you could provide a software-as-service, that keeps using your software, hardware and burdens you going forward. The security of the game is paramount, where there is a game for money, there is attracted a cheat, so could that be covered with a code review? These guys have focused on scaling, AWS style, so I would consider they 'running the game' and meeting the burden of support, vlm providing the instance software, data to feed said game and collecting a fee per game. That way you keep 'artistic license' as much as anybody racing now does, and piggy back, or draft is the sailing term. Besides would you want the waste of running two races side by side? People introduced by vlm generate rebates to the person introducing etc. so I would introduce them from your membership. This company has been created by gamblers, gamers, mlmr's to support players and their networks of friends to keep the game going. Sailing would be a lot better for the 'yahties' if they played even for free! This keeps the virtual-yacht-club running anyway and may become a dependent source of income. I can continue to play! Actually, I have some stock in this company converted from wages and am trying to help them out. Well all three of us. MadDog Marc
  12. Great idea! Wilco. There is money there and the audience is there also, our kids and grand kids. One of the great experiences in life is seeing the prototype take flight and the need to scale quickly follow. And then there is betting on the skipper, think Thoroughbreds descended from droopNJ! (I hope not to offend by calling you out, you are a great skipper and an obvious supporter of vlm.) A modest fee would not be an imposition if races where both free optionally or separately. Same race different fleets. Professional pays entry fee, gets prizes. Amateur pays nothing, gets glory, maybe sponsored prizes? The trick will be in the amount of support that will be required to 'run the race'. I think the architecture is in place, one server many different platforms that interface to it? The betting company will cover the overhead of keeping track of the money and the side bets that are allowed. The betting company just thinks of it as another game. For those betting there is also a rebate scheme that rewards those who bring new betters whether the new bettors sail or play chess for cash. Based on inside information i view this as a chance for Europe to shine. Basically an API for vlm is integrated with the betting company controlling the betting/entry API and I envision them wanting to run the free game as well, to attract future pros and those who might want to bet on the pros. I'm dangerous with an idea like this, cool my heels! I have looked at some of the source of VLM and Client's as available on github but I need some feedback from the guys who run it and wrote it as to whether it is really feasible. And I certainly don't want to many unexpected consequences. Sincerely MadDog Marc P.S. The dogs are calling now.
  13. To all who have a considered opinion on cash prizes either raised by entry fees or sponsored, Could you comment?
  14. of course email works too. mpuckett@simplyweb.net
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