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  1. Thanks all! Finally found it with the aid of lots of pictures. I thought that the polar might be the issue. after operator error, it was! My lost in translation experience. I read this log on chrome and they do translate it pretty well going from french to english, however if I type in english, google will drop part of what I typed instead of just passing it through. Sometimes leaving the meaning completely different. You can see it yourself, by reloading the translated page, the actual input will flash up and then the adulterated translation will appear. language is great, that's how we mis-communicate.
  2. My mistake. Google is the translation bad guy. back to important problems. Just what does this warning mean? I'll check back on my next watch,
  3. whoever you are using for the input translation is dropping details in a detailed request.
  4. Ok. I get it. I post in english, it is translated into french and stored(?) and when google translates it for me again I get the cummulative errors of the two translations. neat! My english is much better than my french despite my best efforts, so I probably get what I deserve.
  5. a few more thoughts. the predicted course illustrated above does not reflect the actual course 'followed'. Typically they are quite good. And you can see how much you have been affected, none. I've always been able to go back to my mistakes, but this one still does not make sense. What can your vacancy and routing or 'piloto' module do ?. There is some comfort to VBVMG in changing weather, but still do not understand what VBVMG logic could explain that behavior and the weather was 'sever steady.' Also, ignore the latest wandering detour northeast, got pissed and walked away.
  6. Great respect for your sailing. Always amazed how hard you work it. You must have * NOT * been in the race i won. in any case, i must be confused then. Does not it send the 'race' to vlm and the new course is 'steered' by vlm and 'reported' to qtvlm?
  7. I'll try to be polite. Is this a vlm issue or a qtvlm issue? I ass=u=me it is with vlm. but you folks know better. I've enjoyed the races, found the site researching for a transpac and have enjoyed the concept, but this kind of thing spoils it.
  8. Some neural network at work? WTF?
  9. 1 minute crank? guess we can have a cleaner rounding. what else?
  10. Seems some confusion over the wp2,wp3 gate combination. I've never encountered one in the americas.
  11. Thanks! NJ. the challenge WITHOUT ROUTER WITHOUT PILOTOTO and without WIND!
  12. Are we enforcing the Time Limit? Seems a good chance some of the boats are not going to make it. Forecast is deteriorating. I don't know if they still greet you in Cabo with champaigne(La Pedro) after the time.
  13. Happy New Year!!! Checking in at Pt. Fermin. TransPac here in six months! And the wind at our back this morning! Usually a beat to the west end with a couple of tacks thrown in if the afternoon lift doesn't come through.
  14. And while we're at it just exactly whar are the racing rules we are racing under? I'm interested in particular about the 'string' rule 28.1 of the RRS 'Sailing The Course' and it's application to WP3. Just curious.
  15. is there any explanation for the 'odd' polar for the class 40? Between 14 knots and 18 it seems to almost collapse(invert ~15.7knots) between 80 and 130 degrees TWA. Has it been verified? Is it a plot by Trump? Just wondering?
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