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  1. Peder Sunde

    Installation-Not enough space

    Hi Maitai, I did not work out the root cause, but downloaded the maps in your link and now it works fine. Thank you for your quick help. Peder
  2. Peder Sunde

    Installation-Not enough space

    Hi Matai, Thank you for your reply. I vhevked the variables, see picture. I was also going to try the link, but it did not work... I also noticed that my rghts might be a problem, so I changed my local admin setting such that there is no prompt or limitations. Still, it did not work. Maybe I will try a restart and a reinstall..
  3. Peder Sunde

    Installation-Not enough space

    I am trying to install qtVLM on my computer (Windows 8.1) and all goes well until I open the program for the first time and it asks me to download a map or choose a folder. I chose download map and get the following error: Not enough space available. I have plenty of space available, so wondering what it could be. I have successfully installed to program on my Mac.

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