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Last night, in leg 9 of the VOR I added another thing to my personal list to things to do/not to do. I set a scheduled event to occur in the early hours of the morning, but forgot to change the date, so it took place almost immediately and I crashed into land :seven: . So from being in the top ten I ended up 120th.

So here are my personal top tips, each one has been learnt the hard way.............

Sorry, I would post this in French, but I'm not sure if they will translate very well with google.

1. Wind Angle: Minus for starboard

It's so easy to forget to put the minus, or get them around the wrong way, especially for "Scheduled events". Get this wrong and you can end up going in the opposite direction.

2. Waypoints: Minus for South or West

As with 1, get it wrong and you will end up going the wrong way. Take extra care when get close to latitude/longitude 0.

3. Try not to update your course or your next waypoint when "Your next update" is less the 1 minute away.

Just in case you make a typo (see 1 & 2 above). That 1 minute gives you time to double check your intended course on the map.

4. If there is to be a dramatic change of wind direction whilst you are away, use "Best VMG"

It's more reliable than trying to guess the changes of wind direction.

5. If you are close to land be careful when using "Constant Wind Angle" especially when a new grib file is due.

A new grib file can lead to a 20 or 30 degree shift in wind. Try to use "Constant heading" or "Orthodromic pilot".

6. If you set a Waypoint, that you want to use, don't forget to select "Orthodromic pilot" of Best "VMG".

Once you have set the waypoint it's easy to forget to tell your boat to head for it.

7. Pilot Instructions. Check and double check, then check again.

If you use the calendar and move the time to the next day (23:00 to 02:00 for example), you must also change the date. Failure to do this means that the action will take place in the next few minutes.

8. More wind does not mean faster, check at what point your boat will begin to slow as you get more wind.

9. Don't keep changing your mind or make "on the spur of the moment" decisions. Make a plan, set your course and stick to it.

10. Keep things simple, participate in one race at a time.

11. If you make a big mistake and end up at the back of the fleet, don't give up. It's often more fun overtaking the back markers, than trying to keep up with the leaders.


Puddlejumper 7718 7776 13596

Striving for the lazy perfection

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12. Once the next leg is created by Phille don't forget to register, read the race instruction and set a constant heading avoiding land & stone.

Stuart, (3,5,10) or 12 top-tips are needed :seven: .

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