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sassmo (NZL111)

hollywood to bollywood

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yo yo vsk Aus.... tony, branton, midnight. and to the BWS team, salut Pascal & denys.

a 1am start here in NZ, so a bit of a lucky dip and seems to have worked ok.

good winds guys... well so long as your behind me ;)

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fair winds to you too sassmo ;)

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Hehehehehe Derek .....nice to see you here ...as usual :)

Good wind friend.


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bonsoir Phille toi aussi !!

i always have you on my "watch" list my friend :)

great ... look at the top of your list :) (do it now, 'cause tomorrow will be different, hey :ola: )

you're also always on my list :)

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good close racing from the start, but what is your cunning plan there Denys?? :tong2: hehe

but a long way to go yet. Whoever picks the right place to head back to the cape and not get the head winds will bolt away.

just sitting in the middle of the aussie boys, with phille & tigarou of to starboard... just sitting strategically now :tong2:

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