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Record des 3 Mers 2016

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Another try to answer your Q's ;)


Q1: It's up to you to choose the best weather forecast for each race ... number of runs for each of the 3 races is unlimited (within the limit of 1 year)



Can one start all over again ?  Yep!

and what score counts? ,the last ?  or the best ?  The best

can one mix the best of the 3 different races together to make up the best total or stay the first 3 together and the 2e 3 and so on ? It's the mix of the 3 best results!


Q3: You are using boat # 27190 Witte de With for the Barcelone-Athens race ... so you should use the same #27190 in the 2 other races! But your boat will sail with different polars in each race ... ;)

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