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Any English speaking VLM skippers around?

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Hi I am sailing Paradise and New on this VLM platform. I see that most of the game and documentation is in French ,so I wonder whether there are any English speaking skippers, who could help me out with some starters problems. The present English forum looks very outdated and not reflecting an active English skippers crew.


Forgive me if I have a lot of questions (initially) but that I learned is the fastest way of leearnig this game, beside sailing of course.

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The website is(should be) fully translated in English. The docs and wiki are not at the same level by lack of english speaking maintainers. However we can speak english and answer to any question you may have.


Fair winds,




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Ok, thanks.

- is there a penalty in VLM for making a tack or gibe or a heading change?

- on the pilot instructions: yesterday I did some instructions and came to five. now I need to make another one, but somewhere it says 5 MAX.  and the refresh does not remove the old ones. Does it means that you can make 5 instructions at a time (e.g.  5 tacks in a channel during the night) or is it max. 5 instructions for a whole race?

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Hi Paradise, welcome aboard


-No penalty for tacking or gybing, it's a long debate between us and an excellent first question :)

-You can have maximum 5 orders pending at the same time, but there is not limit concerning the maximum number of orders for a race. You need to delete the past orders before being able to insert new one. How easy it is to do that all depends on which interface you are using to play VLM. If you are using the web interface it's a bit complicated (a new one is being built but not ready yet), and you should use either qtVlm or FrogTool for the time being.

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thanks maitai, for the quick and clear answers.

I play VLM in the web. Ubuntu O.S. and Firefox browser. Will try to get some time to explore the qtVlm and FrogTool tools.

While playing the sailing race, to homebase Bangkok, I am learning a lot. Started late so ranking not of importance (now) just the learning. The coming race Malta-Scicily will be for real :yess:

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