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I am new to VLM, played since VOR-Leg#2. Some of the issues I experience:


- In the beginning I saw ALL other boats in the race, now I only see 10. Because I chose "Afficher le mien et......": "me & 10 nearest opps". But how do I go back to seeing the whole fleet?

- I have to do a lot of login, sometimes double, why does VLM not remember me by a cookie?


Thanx in advance!

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welcome mate.

are you using the vlm.org website or some other tool such as frogtool or qtVlm?


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Hi Welcome aboard :)


Regarding your 2 questions : 

1/ At the beginning there was a slight "bug" where the GUI would display all boats to start with, and would not apply the selected filter. I fixed the bug so that the selected filter is diplayred properly. So now the GUI work as expected. But it does not have an option to show "many" if not all the boat as it dd at the beginning.This will get changed at some point. I can't say when though


2/ What browser are you using? We do not use cookies to keep you logged (because I don't need to :). The GUI will keep connected, unless you session expires on the server side. Are you using a mobile of a tablet (which shuts the GUI off when you do not look at it?). Can you explain why you need to log in twice? Do you have a specific proxy setup or some VPN?



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Hi mates ;)


To respond to your questions:


- I use v-l-m.org (which now shows the beta by default, which I like!)

- If not seeing all boats is no longer an option at the moment, I don't have to look into that any further ;) 

- I am using Safari on MacOS. I guess I am not hardcore checking my boat enough ;)  and have probably an expired session when I 'get back on deck'. Then I first get what I presume is a dialogue from my browser, to enter user/pass and after I've done that I still have to press "login" in the upper right corner and enter my user/pass again. I'll make some screenshot and look into the dev-panel when this does happen again. 

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no need to screenshot. I know what you refer to. This is a problem with the internal management of the auth on the client side (I get that from time to time so I lived with it until now.) 


The browser "thinks" auth is OK and requests some pages. Since it is not authenticated the server returns a "Auth denied" generic error, and the browser prompts. I have to figure when this mixup starts on the browser side, to fix this issue. There is no use to filling the dialog prompt. Just escape, and enter the URL again.


I will note somewhere that we should change the view preference to allow seeing more boats ,since this does not affect server side performance anymore, it is not a big deal. I need to keep that more or less compatible with the older version until it is completely replaced by the new one.



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