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route track changes during animated reckoning

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hello again,


I am back again

and I have a problem with Qtvlm again.


I made 3 routes.

To see what route would bring me where,

I use reckoning play.

One of the routes changes its course during play.

As soon as I stop play the route cource goes back to original position.

I made a screenVDO that can show you what I mean,

but with 24.MB it is too big to attach.

Maybe I can send it to a mailbox.????

So you can put it in the Topic and othrs can see the problem too.


Since my last use of Qtvlm I changed PC

present PC: see att.1991254243_Systeminfo000.jpg.fc1ec0d87d047da2f40ef1a526adbce1.jpg


I would be pleased with a reaction


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